Vibration Testing & Simulation Products

EDP Series Vibration Platforms

EDP-thumbnail-400EDP Vibration Platforms are great for larger payloads. The large top surface allows large items or multiple small items to be easily secured and vibrated with amazing uniformity. The platforms can be used to vibrate in the vertical direction as well as roll and pitch.

ED Series Electrodynamic Benchtop Shakers

ED-thumbnail-400Our patented low profile shaker design integrates the load support stabilizing hardware with permanent magnet electrodynamic shaker technology to provide unmatched cost savings and ease of use. The ED series shakers are prepared to handle everything from small desktop vibration tests to serious production work.

EDH Series Heavy Load Shakers

EDH-thumbnail-400EDH series heavy load shakers are great for moving and vibrating furniture, subfloors and large machines. They can be used for virtual reality, entertainment, whole body vibration (WBV health and fitness) and a wide range of seismic testing.

Vibration Recording, Measuring and Monitoring

Accelerometer-thumbnail-400CV2260 Accelerometers can be used to measure and record real-world vibration. These recordings can be used in conjunction with our vibration platforms or benchtop shakers to recreate motion and vibration in the comfort of your laboratory. Our accelerometers can also be used to verify and control the vibration output of our shakers.