Vibration Systems for Sinusoidal Vibration Testing

Sinusoidal vibration is the most simple form of vibratory motion. This classic motion is a smooth, cyclical variance in position as time progresses. The plot of position,velocity or acceleration vs time would  look like a sine wave.

The most common type of sine testing involves a logarithmic frequency sweep holding a specified acceleration constant. A sine signal generator can be used to play the test frequencies through our vibration products. An oscilloscope and accelerometer can be used to view and confirm the sinusoidal motion. This type of testing usually will cycle up and down repetitively between frequency limits for a specified time or number of sweep cycles to ensure that adequate reliability levels are attained.

Sinusoidal vibration testing is the oldest method of confirming product quality and studying the behavior of products under extreme conditions. This form of testing is less accurate to real world conditions than random vibration testing.