Applications for Vibration Systems

Controlled Vibration’s permanent magnet electrodynamic shakers and vibration platforms are designed for general purpose vibration applications. Our shakers are typically part of the vibration test equipment used in educational, research and laboratory environments.

Our vibration systems are designed to be modular and portable for extreme flexibility. Stack shakers for increased stroke or place shakers side by side for increased surface area and force output.

Play test signals from your MP3 player, personal computer, function generator or vibration controller and create incredibly accurate motion and vibration with any  frequency, amplitude or combination of frequencies.

Our vibratory products are designed to solve your problems right out of the box. No need to spend time sourcing head expanders or designing and fabricating load support fixtures and platforms. No need to hunt down mounting hardware or wires. Just supply your own analog vibration signal, bolt or clamp down your test item and get started.